Welcome to the ALL NEW Shiloh Farm Website!

Shiloh Farm (pronounced Shee-Loh and means "His" in Hebrew) is a 180 acre working farm located in Central Iowa. The farm is open year-round and we sell natural pasture-raised meat, vegetables, and fruit in season. Our meat is raised without the use of hormones or growth stimulants. We also raise High Quality / All Natural fullblood, purebred, & percentage Boer goats, Dairy Goats and also commercial goats. Shiloh Farm is also the home of Xpert Kennels where we raise only the Highest Quality, Full Blood, Pedigreed Anatolian Shepherds which are our Livestock, Farm, & Family Guardians.


We enjoy having visitors to the farm. Let us know if you’d like to come out and see first-hand how we raise our animals and crops. We make on-farm sales of our products by appointment. Please keep in mind that we need to schedule your visit in advance. We do have time constraints during the active growing season based on our work schedule.